Service Referral Exchange

MEMBER AGREEMENT: Service and Service provider referrals and ratings are made exclusively by COFAF members that confirm their first hand experience utilizing a service and/or service provider with experience, education, and/or training specific to adoption related concerns. COFAF takes no responsibility for individual member’s experience with a service or service provider and the presence of a service or service provider on the list does not constitute an endorsement by COFAF. When considering a referral and a rating from other COFAF members, families may want to do additional due diligence on a specific service or service provider before utilizing the service. If you wish to make a service or service provider referral to the Service Referral Exchange, please click “Submit a Listing.” If the service or service provider already has a listing in the directory, we will add your anonymous review, which will then be included as part of that listing. We will protect your privacy and will not give out your name as the family making a referral or rating a particular service or service provider.

If you ask a question or comment on a listing, please be aware that your user name will be attached to the comment.

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